Each month, Juran presents a different live webinar covering various trending topics relevant to all industries. These courses are hosted by our CEO, Dr. Joseph A DeFeo, and often feature prominent guest speakers and hosts. Check back here each month for information on new webinars. And don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to see on the next webinar!

Return on Learning: A Little or A Lot?

It has been almost 30 years since my career began as a high school teacher and later as a business trainer. Few in public education (at that time) asked about return on investment of what students learn. But when I joined the business sector, I was asked that question every time I asked for approval for money to conduct training! Business is about ROI. ROS, and should include ROL (return on learning).

Join us November 14, 2018 at 2 PM EST as we will examine how your organization can explain ROL to your leadership and the ROI associated with it so you get the money you need to drive performance. We will focus on the ROI for traditional classroom, on-line and blended learning – the combination of both.

Supplier Quality: Partner or Adversary?

Today’s suppliers are an extension of our organizations and should be treated as a partner not an adversary. An effective supplier quality program should work towards developing a mutually beneficial relationship to benefit both supplier and processor (your organization). In this free webinar, Juran’s CEO Joseph A. DeFeo will examine the simple but made difficult supplier quality management system. He will examine the supplier: selection, assessment, segmentation, monitoring and rewarding excellence in the supply chain.

Join us October 3, 2018 at 3 PM EST to learn how to develop an effective relationship with your suppliers and remove the burden of being shut down because your supplier did not understand your requirements or thought all your purchasing protocols only wanted lower costs and not better quality.

Driving a Culture of Excellence Through Effective Knowledge Transfer

Are your employees capable of sustaining what they have learned after a training event? Knowledge transfer is the practical problem of transferring knowledge from one part of the organization to another. Like knowledge management, knowledge transfer seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users. It is considered to be more than just a communication problem. If it were merely that, than a memorandum, an e-mail, or a meeting would accomplish the knowledge transfer.

Watch now to explore how to better transfer knowledge and guarantee all trained employees retain the new skills they have learned over time.

Design for Operational Excellence

Your business is challenged to lower costs and do more with less. Along the way you have a number of methods and tools and maybe even a transformation strategy to boot. There were times when you thought you were on the right track and other times you were not. The purpose of this webinar is to present a means to design an operational excellence program without overwhelming your organization.

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Results too slow? You may need to J.U.M.P.

“Our improvements take too long!” Lean Six Sigma Training takes too long! We do not use all the tools we are taught! This is the mantra of many executives and employees. So why does ‘it’ take so long? There are a variety of reasons most of which we continue to research at Juran. Year after year, the song remains the same. All improvement takes too long!

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The Smart Factory, Industry 4.0 And Quality

The advancement of Industry 4.0, also know as a Smart Factory, has created Quality 4.0, a blend of new artificial intelligence technologies with traditional quality management methods. This modern interpretation of quality is leading to greater operational excellence, performance, and process innovation.

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80/20 Rule AKA: The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle, also famously known as the 80/20 Rule, is a universal principle applicable to almost anything in life. The 80/20 Rule claims that the majority of an effect (or consequence) comes from a small portion of the causes from that event. It is one of the best tools to use in order to focus on improving performance.

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The Juran Trilogy

Every organization wants all of its employees to always be productive. Yet many organizations do not know how to use its CI Programs to become more productive.


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