Our Approach

We equip our clients with the tools they need to achieve long-term solutions to business problems.
Our Approach
We equip our clients with the tools they need to achieve long-term solutions to business problems.
Juran's Trilogy

Managing for performance shouldn’t be hard to do, but natural

To understand how to improve you’ve got to know where you’re failing first.

Every product, service or even function of your business is to some degree subject to three managerial processes: planning, compliance or control, and improvement. It’s as true of business finance as it is of production management or service delivery.

These are universal processes that provide a basis for management of the business. They are the same processes – and require the same mindset – used to manage performance.

Making Connections

We help you analyze the business and take steps to improve

You can use the Juran Trilogy to investigate the business and uncover insights into where you’re failing and why:

In planning or design
Do you really know your customers and understand their needs? Does your product or service design prioritize the right features?

In control or compliance
How well do you measure performance? How do you compare? How effective are you at taking action to address performance failings?

In performance improvement
Do you understand the causes of issues and know where to find remedies? Can you justify the resources and focus them in the right place? Can you establish an improvement project infrastructure? How will you maintain the improvements or embed the changes you make?

The Juran Trilogy
Building Support

Leadership commitment is the most important prerequisite

Without the support of management at every level, the kind of breakthroughs needed to drive improvement are unlikely to occur.

Leadership support is necessary, and it can be structured into the program from the start.

Putting improvement high on the agenda in your business will entail a structure to support it, from operational teams and process or service owners to business units and executive leaders.

Continuous Improvement
Supportive Culture

Embedding positive change into the culture sustains improvement

To be successful in the long term as a more dynamic business – not only capable of change but continuously seeking out opportunities for performance improvement – you need the support of the business culture.

It is never easily done, nor is it an overnight transformation. Culture change is an evolution for most companies, reliant on five breakthroughs in thinking and behaviour:

  • Leadership and management
  • Organization and structure
  • Current performance
  • Culture
  • Adaptability and sustainability
Right Conditions for Culture Change