Advisory Services

Setting out the foundations for continuous improvement
Advisory Services
Setting out the foundations for continuous improvement
Integrated Service

Consulting and training for over 40 years

Our advisory services are the start of our whole approach to quality and performance management.

Together they enable us to analyse and assess organizations, design and implement programs, and demonstrate expertise born out of experience working on various projects.

Company Wide Application

The Juran approach has helped businesses and organizations of all kinds to succeed

Although Juran’s history began in manufacturing, our experience is much wider.

We successfully apply our tools, techniques and approaches to product and service-led businesses in equal measure.

Planning and Deployment

Alignment of the business to the priorities and objects of the plan is an essential first step

Building the foundation for improvement means getting everyone behind the program.

Strategic deployment, often referred to as hoshin kanri, is a way of ensuring the strategy of the business drives progress and action at every level.

It’s effective as an approach, not least because it eliminates the inefficiencies that are the product of inconsistent direction and poor communication.


Understanding where the business lies creates the baseline for improvements

We use many methods in making an assessment of the current performance of the business to highlight areas to focus improvement effort:

Employee Skills Assessment – understanding the business excellence and quality management skills in your organization
Organization Maturity – understanding how close your organization is to business excellence
Cost of Poor Quality – understanding the actual costs related to poorly performing processes as a financial metric
Quality Management System – assessing your system to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
Stakeholder Requirements – to establish the readiness of the team and the resistance to change
Supplier Quality – developing a world class supplier management system

Creating Champions

Every campaign needs its supporters to rally the troops

By advising and training leaders to be champions of performance improvement, we help you create a drive for change within your business.

Our services focus on how to mobilize staff for improvement and engagement, how to decide what to improve, what methods to use (for example lean or six sigma), how to conduct an improvement project, and how to review project progress and results.