Continuous Improvement

Identifying opportunities for streamlining work, reducing waste and improving quality is at the heart of our philosophy.
Continuous Improvement
Identifying opportunities for streamlining work, reducing waste and improving quality is at the heart of our philosophy.
Continuous Improvement

Breakthrough the barrier of mediocrity

In the philosophy of business, improvement is not this year or next year, depending on the year, but every year.

Juran’s approach to continually seeking out and achieving new breakthroughs will help your organization compete stronger, and perform better.

Improvement Begins at the Top

Leadership education

While seeking improvements may periodically occupy business leaders, it will never become an effective source of competitive advantage or high performance unless the management is committed, year after year.

A management mandate is vital. It is essential to the success of every improvement project and at every level of the business. We help you build leadership and management commitment to improvement, giving everyone the tools and structures to design and support an ongoing improvement program.

Learning How to Improve

Developing a training curriculum

Continuous improvement is a culture change for any organization. It cannot be achieved simply by decree, but through inculcating methods and tools and employing them.

Individual improvement projects can be a reliable source of ongoing performance gains. But delivering the gains means having teams of people ready to identify opportunities, able to apply the appropriate tools, and having the ability to see it through. Structured learning through established courses, where students learn in the context of the projects they are engaged with cements their learning, increasing effectiveness.

Proof of Capability

Training and certifying lean and Six Sigma belts

Giving teams the skills they need – for example through yellow and green to black belts in LSS – increases your capacity to identify and deliver more projects.

Our programs give you the confidence that the learning material is of the highest standard, informed by many years of practical field experience. It is augmented by expert coaching from industry leading practitioners, and certified by expert consultants.

Keeping You on Track

Facilitating and monitoring teams

Continually finding new breakthroughs can be inspiring, but is not done without care and adherence to the way of improvement. We try to make that as easy as possible by giving you a range of ways to access our resources.

On top of our online knowledge-base, we offer a helpline for students. We also run frequent Webex conferences so difficulties can be discussed and new ideas offered for finding solutions. Finally, every student has a mentor who will provide detailed guidance and insight into projects.

The depth of Juran’s content, its people’s expertise, and their willingness to see you succeed are what really distinguishes our service, with ongoing and enthusiastic support for your business.

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