Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo

As Juran’s Chairman and Executive Adviser, Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo is recognised worldwide as an authority on quality improvement
Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo
As Juran’s Chairman and Executive Adviser, Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo is recognised worldwide as an authority on quality improvement

World-Leading Expert

For over 35 years, Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo has been at the forefront of building cultures of excellence through quality management.

With a career spanning education, training, consulting and coaching, Dr. DeFeo has dedicated his life’s work to the pursuit of helping organizations across the globe improve the quality of their products, processes, people and profit. As one of the world’s leading experts on the development of effective and efficient quality and operational excellence programs, Dr. DeFeo has worked as a trusted advisor to a multitude of businesses and business leaders – helping them to increase sales, reduce costs and improve their overall customer experience.

"To say that I whole-heartedly recommend Joe DeFeo as a consumate Lean Six Sigma consultant is understatement. I very much look forward to our next project together, whenever and wherever that may be."
Michael Phillips - KA Consulting
"Joe has the rare gift of knowing strategy and the machinery that delivers it. And he has the drive and determination to see the delivery through"
Paul Borawski - Vernal Management Consultants
"Joe is a business results oriented manager, with international experience and good level of knowledge of the operational consulting arena."
Ignacio Babé - Secretario General/CEO en Club Excelencia en Gestión
Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo

Global Speaker and Author

Dr. DeFeo continues to research, write and host regular webinars that provide guidance and strategic tips enabling leaders to embed quality practices into their organizations, and share their knowledge with colleagues. As the author of numerous popular texts on specialist subjects – including the ‘go-to’ resource for quality management and operational excellence leaders, Juran’s Quality Handbook: The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence – and as a renowned public speaker for colleges, academies and forums across the world, Dr. DeFeo’s teachings have been quoted and adopted by over 950 companies across 60 countries, and quoted regularly within publications such as Forbes.com.

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What Does Operational Excellence Look Like?

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What is Operational Excellence? Operational excellence (OpEx) is the goal of improved business performance. It usually means using lean manufacturing…
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DMAIC Process & Methodology: An Essential Guide

Posted by Dr. Joseph A DeFeo on April 23, 2020
What is DMAIC? DMAIC is a quality improvement and problem-solving method used to improve business performance. During the DMAIC process,…
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Under Wartime Conditions—Evaluating the Risks to Quality of the US-China Trade War

Posted by Dr. Joseph A DeFeo on November 8, 2019
When President Donald Trump tweeted an order to “our great American companies” to leave China, he was no more than…
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