Quality Control & Assurance

Our effective strategies for managing for quality stretch over 40 years.
Quality Control & Assurance
Our effective strategies for managing for quality stretch over 40 years.
Quality Control

Improving Business Performance

For specific troubleshooting, expert advice, strategic planning and implementation, Juran’s consulting practice provides quality control and assurance support to organizations of all kinds.

Our expertise is relied on by business leaders in the U.S. Europe, and Asia, to deliver transformations in performance, big improvements in competitiveness, and financial savings into the millions of dollars.

The skills to strengthen your business

Juran’s consultants draw on the whole range of quality methodologies to inform their service, but it is not simply a service you buy in. We firmly believe in transferring our knowledge to ensure your organization has not only the systems, but the people and the skills to manage quality control and assurance and continually improve its performance.

Experts in Quality

From one process to the whole business – designing and implementing QA/QC systems

Juran’s track record in helping businesses understand how to manage for quality stretches back to the mid twentieth century. Since that time it has accumulated experience in the design and implementation of all the effective approaches to quality.

From detailed analysis of individual manufacturing processes to the wholesale design of enterprise-wide quality systems, Juran’s team has the skills and the knowledge to help your business deliver better products or more valued services.

Its advice and guidance can be deployed to oversee lean and six sigma projects, software quality management implementation and integrating quality control and assurance with other business systems, such as ERP and supply chain management.

Self-Regulated Systems

ISO 9001 Implementation

While boardroom support for ISO 9001 is widespread, practical support for business managers tasked with its implementation is less so. Whether the decision is a strategic one or a response to market or customer demand, deciding how to go about ISO 9001 implementation is rarely straightforward. The essence of a successful implementation is ensuring that it is working for you, rather than the other way about.

In helping you to map out a plan for ISO 9001, Juran consultants will ensure that you not only have the business aligned but that it is really delivering the outcomes you seek. From gaining buy-in and motivating employees to redesigning systems and creating workable documented processes, we have the experience and all-important external perspective you need.

Ensuring quality in your supply chain

Supplier systems

As well as tuning up your internal systems, you cannot afford to overlook the quality of the components or services you buy in.

Customers expect ever higher standards from businesses and these days are better empowered to take action when they feel they’ve been let down.

Juran can help you keep your suppliers closer through shared approaches to quality management—designing systems that are not only effective but workable, measurable and reliable.

Understanding Quality Issues

Root cause corrective action

Effective root cause analysis is the heart of problem solving, and the start of quality management—you’ve got to be able to pinpoint what’s causing negative performance changes. Our success in helping businesses accurately identify root causes and solve performance challenges extends beyond manufacturing environments to service businesses too, where people’s actions can just as easily have unexpected consequences for service quality.

We not only supply the expertise but we also teach root cause corrective action methods through online courses, to help you teams acquire this foundation skill.

Read more about our approaches to quality control and quality assurance through our case studies.

Get in touch to see how your business could benefit. Whatever your quality management status, we can help from supplying an organizational health check, or process control audit, to root cause corrective action training.