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Talking about quality planning, control and improvement
Speaking Engagements
Talking about quality planning, control and improvement
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Do you have a keynote address, breakout session, webinar, corporate meeting or corporate retreat addressing Quality Improvements topics? We invite you to contact Juran to learn more about Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo and other members of the Juran leadership team. See the list of speaking engagements over the years here.

Dr. DeFeo has presented in 48 of the 50 states and over 30 countries worldwide.
Dr DeFeo has co-presented hundreds of online webinars on a range of topics.
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ASQ New Haven
Jan 15, 2020


New manufacturing technologies are making the quality management system change rapidly and quality professionals must rethink its purpose.

Thanks to new technologies like manufacturing apps, defect free production is now possible. Defect free means less inspection, less audit, less corrective action and even less quality departments staff – unless you become well versed in the technology.

Being well versed in the new technologies will enable quality professionals to sustain your career by becoming the “implementers” of the new techniques. In this session I will discuss how quality professionals can take the lead and drive quality management to new heights

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