Upgrade to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Convert your Green Belt into a Black Belt and become a quality improvement leader within your organization. Our Black Belt program will see you work alongside a Juran Certified Coach with the end result of mastering Lean Six Sigma methodology.



Upgrade your Green Belt to Black and be ready to tackle more complex improvement projects with Lean Six Sigma.

To become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is to master the concepts and the methodologies and know how best to apply them in any business setting.

To achieve Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification requires more statistical and maths skills than would be expected of green belt. It also leads to completion of a more involved project. Typical projects for LSS Black Belt are large, cross functional or enterprise scale.

With our expert coaching, you will be able to lead complex improvement projects, guiding green belt and other team members in achieving results.


Every Black Belt course includes all the support you need to complete a complex Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project and save your business many times more than the cost of the course.

The Juran method ensures that everything you learn is fully understood and tested in your business environment.

You start by learning at your own pace online. You’ll have access to all the materials and insights you need to achieve structured learning outcomes.

As you progress, live webinars complement the program giving you a chance to interact with course leaders and fellow students. The collaboration is an invaluable part of the learning experience.

With expert guidance from the start, your project management will be much more effective, improving the chances of achieving all the project goals.


We work with you side-by-side to provide expert guidance throughout your initial improvement project.

Even with the best team on side, being a leader responsible for the project’s success can be a lonely place.

As projects get more involved and the stakes are higher it is invaluable to know you have an expert guide on hand to field awkward or complex challenges as you encounter them.

We provide you eight hours of one-to-one coaching — stored as a bank of time to call on — while you’re working at your improvement project.

How our expert coaching solves problems:

  • Project identification – helping you scope your project and understanding the impact it can have
  • Maintaining momentum – Insight to unstick a stuck project and encouragement to keep you moving forward
  • Tool choice – Guidance on which of the DMAIC tools are right for your project and when to use them
  • Accountability – Coaches provide a summary after each session with concerns, next steps, and objectives to keep the project on track, and to setup success for the next session.

On-Site Training Also Available

While most organizations choose to complete the Lean Six Sigma program online, smaller groups often look for a more personal approach. Contact us today to learn more about our on-site training options.

Contact us for more details >

Program Start: May 29, 2020 at 11 AM ET

If you have any questions, please inquire via email at [email protected] or by calling (800) 338-7726. Discounts are available for groups. Please inquire to learn more.

Request a Lean Six Sigma Upgrade to Black Belt Guide and Agenda for May 29th, 2019

Get the Details

  1. Completing of a Lean Six Sigma project
  2. Preparing to lead multiple complex Lean Six Sigma projects.
  3. Mastering the Lean and DMAIC methods for improvement.
  4. Mastering both graphical and statistical tools that enable the Lean and DMAIC methods.
  5. Obtaining in-depth understanding of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy, theory, strategy, tactics, and quality management tools.
  6. Applying methods and tools to real quality and performance problems.
  7. Applying skills to lead, facilitate, and manage teamwork.
  8. Learning leadership roles to support executive management in the deployment of Lean Six Sigma initiatives and selection and chartering of the most significant projects.

the importance of coaching

(If certification option is selected)
The success or failure of all improvement projects is largely based on the effectiveness or shortcomings of their project management. We consider effective and robust project management to be absolutely critical to the success of an improvement project.

While training is essential for obtaining the knowledge around Lean Six Sigma, coaching makes sure that the learning is applied in the correct way throughout your project. We believe that project coaching highly increases the probability of getting a project completed and in a timely manner.

Typical problems our coaches help combat after training:

Project Selection – Individuals have a hard time scoping their project and determining what impact it can have on their organization.
Disengagement – Individuals lose steam on their project due to getting “stuck” and need help pushing their project forward.
Tool Selection – There are various tools used in the DMAIC process, and individuals typically have a difficult time selecting which one to use and when.
Accountability – Coaches provide a summary after each session with concerns, next steps, and achievements to keep the project on track, and to setup success for the next session.

Juran recommends eight hours of coaching per project. More hours are available for purchase if needed.

How to start getting results

  • Fill out form

    Fill out the registration form. Don’t forget to add Minitab if you don’t have it already! Click here for Registration Form

  • Receive welcome packet

    We will send you a personal welcome packet that includes a login to your online portal, tools & templates, and a syllabus with due dates and expectations.

  • Sign onto the first webinar

    Using the link provided in your packet, join VP & coach Michael Stamp for your first live webinar.

  • Become a certified Black Belt

    After a few short weeks, personalized project coaching, and a lot of learning, save your organization $250K+ by becoming a Juran Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt!



  • eLearning online modules
  • Access to templates and tools
  • Informational live webinars with a certified Juran Instructor
  • Access to a Juran live Instructor during training
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Michael Stamp
Vice President

Michael Stamp is a Senior Consultant with Juran. In this capacity, he specializes in Continuous Process Improvement, Lean Management and delivering a variety of quality programs to corporate clients. Mr. Stamp has over 25 years of experience and is an outstanding change agent who can identify opportunities, develop focus and provide strategic and tactical business solutions.

Mr. Stamp’s core competencies include Process Improvement, Operational Streamlining, Data Science, Special Project Management, Training & Coaching, Cost Reduction, Multi-Site Operations, Quality Control/Assurance, Policy & Procedure Development, Leadership Development & Culture Transformation and Statistics.

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