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Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course will provide you and your team with a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, so you can take your first steps to becoming a champion of quality within your organization.


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course Description

Juran’s Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt workshop introduces participants to Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and teaches them how to use the improvement tools that are necessary when working on a project team. This program is useful if a participant is going to be a member of a project team, if they are going to be an ad-hoc subject matter expert, or if they just want to learn basic quality improvement methodology.

Course Duration: 11 hours
CEU: #1.1
Pricing: $495

Benefits of LSS Yellow Belt training course

  • Yellow Belt Training improves your ability to identify and address the root causes of problems rather than treating symptoms of issues.
  • Yellow Belt Training is cost-effective and can be done in a very short time span.
  • Yellow Belt Training can improve your communication and team building skills.
  • Juran’s LSS Yellow Belt training course will prepare you to be an effective team member on Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project and help you apply principles in daily activities.
  • Yellow Belts increase the success of projects by being able to effectively support Green and Black Belts.
  • Once training is complete, you can apply methods and tools to real quality and performance problems.

What will I learn in the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course?

  • This course will give the most comprehensive foundational knowledge of the the principles of Lean and DMAIC improvement.
  • Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Foundations and Principles
  • The Project Performance System, key roles and responsibilities
  • Types of teams, stages of development, decision-making tools and communication/people skills in the project context
  • Quality tools and Six Sigma metrics
  • You will also learn the practical application of basic graphical tools utilized in each DMAIC step.

Who should sign up for LSS Yellow Belt?

  • Project team members
  • Employees interested in learning the basics of Six Sigma
  • Manufacturing, healthcare, or service industry workers

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How to start getting results

  • Purchase the program

    Buy online using our secure online store by using the ‘Buy Now’ buttons. (or click here)

  • Receive welcome packet

    We will send you a personal welcome packet that includes a login to your online portal, tools & templates, and a syllabus with due dates and expectations.

  • Sign on to our learning platform

    Using the link provided in your packet, sign on at any time and enjoy learning at your own pace.

  • Become a Juran Yellow Belt

    After a few hours you will have all the knowledge you need to start implementing Lean Six Sigma.

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