Lean Expert Program

Streamline your processes and create value for your customers. Ideal for anyone looking to learn the lean methods and tools.


Lean Expert Program on IMPRO

Course Description

Juran’s Online Lean Expert Program is designed to train participants on how to use key Lean methods and tools to improve value streams and create value for customers. In this program you will learn how to:

  1. Lead with Lean
  2. Employ the key principles of what is valued-added in a process to attain value stream improvement in your organization
  3. Use diagnostic tools and techniques to identify and remove waste from your value streams
  4. Create current state and your improved future state value stream
  5. Construct and implement process controls to hold significant gains
  6. Achieve significant results that affect the bottom line

Total Time: 16.25 hours
Self Paced Learning: 11.75 hours
Instructor Led Webinars: 4.5 hours
CEU: # 1.625

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May 27, 2020 at 1 PM ET

On-Site Training Also Available

While most organizations choose to complete the Lean Expert program online, smaller teams often benefit from a more personal approach. Get in touch to learn more about our on-site training options.

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What am I going to get from this program?

The program begins with self paced learning on our learning platform, IMPRO, to give you a basic understanding of what needs to be learned, and then is augmented with live instructor led webinars with a certified Juran instructor to reinforce learning points and provide onsite collaboration experience.

Throughout training and after, candidates work 1-on-1 in a mentorship program with their Juran Certified Coach to deliver a completed value stream improvement project. A completed project means using the appropriate methodology and tools correctly to achieve stated operational and financial objectives, as established in the project charters. Achieving results is critical and is a requirement for certification.

Hands-on Training Including:

▪ Project Team Members
▪ Leading with Lean vs. Six Sigma
▪ The Eight Wastes
▪ Defining Stakeholders and Critical to Quality (CTQ) Characteristics
▪ Pull Systems and Replenishment-based Production
▪ Measure and Plan for Customer Demand
▪ Value-Added vs. Non-Value-Added Analysis
▪ Value Stream Mapping (Current and Future States)
▪ Conducting Rapid Improvement Events
▪ 6S Implementation
▪ Quick Changeover (SMED)
▪ Pace, Takt Time, and Manpower Planning
▪ Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

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What am I going to get from this program?

  1. Identify what steps in your current process are value added versus wasteful.
  2. Understand how applying the lean methods and tools can positively impact the customer’s experience and your organization’s financial performance.
  3. Complete a value stream improvement project to showcase your newly learned skill and achieve operational and financial objectives.

How to start getting results

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  • Become Lean Expert Certified

    After a few short hours you will become Lean Expert certified.

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