Building a Culture of Excellence: The Fundamentals Webinar

How can you begin to build a culture of excellence within your organization and where can you start in order to identify areas where you may not be meeting this?


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Building a Culture of Excellence | Part 1: The Fundamentals

As organizations look at new ways to improve their business performance, they often abandon what works in the hope that a new approach is going to see instantly improved results. Unfortunately, with new workplace initiatives coming and going like waves, workforce “sadness” has become much more prolific. But there is a better way to approach the next new thing.

In this webinar, we will explore two fundamental questions: what is a culture of excellence, and why is it worth pursuing?

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Date Created: April 3, 2019 | Available On Demand


Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo | Chairman and CEO of Juran

“World Leading Expert on Transformational Change and Breakthrough Quality Management”

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