Quality Auditor

Ideal for anyone who is responsible for conducting an internal or external audit.
Quality Auditor
Ideal for anyone who is responsible for conducting an internal or external audit.

Quality Auditor Program Description

Improving Your Organization’s Audit Process

To be effective, auditors should be able to identify where changes can be made to drive improvement in operational and business processes. Auditors need to have a solid understanding of the audit methods and critical processes that affect quality, safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

All auditors should know if the process is improving or not. Usually, if a process is in conformance and there are no signs of great results, the approach is wrong. An auditor should be able to assess this correctly.

Currently Juran’s auditor training and certification program is only being offered in group settings online or through classroom training.

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What is involved in the Quality Auditor Program?

Learn more about what is involved in our Quality Auditor Training and Certification Program.

  • Objectives
  • Certification Requirements
  • Identifying the correct type of audit for your organization
  • Understanding the organizational intent and the design of the way the quality method or ISO dimension is to be managed.
  • Assessing how deeply people in the organization have been trained in, understand, and implement the approach.
  • Validating and demonstrating the existence and effectiveness of systems for managing quality and risk mitigation related to the processes and stated customer requirements.
  • Understanding the measurable quality (outcomes) that occur as a result of the audit.
  • Online exam (score of 70% required to pass)
  • Carry out an audit independently
What will I learn in the Quality Auditor Program?

Quality Auditor Course Topics

Hands-on Training Including: 

  • The logistics of the internal audit program at your company (if in place already)
  • Audit methods
  • Report writing
  • ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • IQS auditing system
  • Nonconformance
  • Auditor competencies & questioning techniques
  • Evaluating the reasons why a process is effective or not
  • Practice real-life audit situations
How to start getting results

Admissions Process

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