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The Smart Factory, Industry 4.0 And Quality

The advancement of Industry 4.0, also know as a Smart Factory, has created Quality 4.0, a blend of new artificial intelligence technologies with traditional quality management methods. This modern interpretation of quality is leading to greater operational excellence, performance, and process innovation.

New technologies have been introduced to facilitate these advancements. Some of them are APP Driven Process Control, Real Time control of machines, real time scorecards, artificial intelligence, connected devices and operations, new forms of collaboration between all parts of a supply chain and even social media and blockchain, Big Data, Cloud computing, and new apps like AR/VR and mashups. Companies such as UBER, Amazon, and the technologies they are built on have disrupted the traditional competitive environment leading to many lost jobs for those in the old technology positions.

What does this all mean to the quality profession?

It means you need new skills to keep one of the LESSER more SKILLED JOBS that will be available. Do not let this happen to you.

Join this complimentary webinar presented by Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo to learn how to get on board with Quality 4.0 and lead it! Joe will provide some guidance on how to get up to speed on this disruptive technology that will impact all of us.

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Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo

Dr. Joseph A DeFeoChairman and CEO of Juran, is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on transformational change and breakthrough quality management. For 28 years, Dr. DeFeo has worked as a trusted adviser helping business leaders increase sales, reduce costs and improve its customer experience through the deployment of performance excellence programs. DeFeo’s belief that a relentless customer focus and integrity drives business results. A frequent motivational guest speaker at international conferences, Dr. DeFeo has presented in over 30 countries.


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