Quality 4.0: Building The Plan

Take your Quality Management System to a technology driven Quality 4.0 system.


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Quality 4.0: Building The Plan

Many Quality Officers have been challenged with transitioning their Quality Management Systems to a technology driven Quality 4.0 system. To avoid wondering how to find the right plan to enable progress towards this goal join us on April 28th, as Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo presents a plan to go from here to there.

Additionally he will present new skills that will be needed to execute the plan to support this. Joe will present:

  1. How to think about moving from an ISO 9000 based QMS to Enterprise QMS
  2. Demonstrate a plan, estimated time frame for making changes to the current system
  3. Discuss the role of the quality function in driving the plan by learning new skills to take the lead in this important journey.
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Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo | Chairman of Juran

“World Leading Expert on Transformational Change and Breakthrough Quality Management”

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