Building a Culture of Excellence Webinar Series

Part 6: The Enablers


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Synchronize Your Lean & LSS Tools For Improved Output

Building on June’s webinar, we will review the enablers – or key areas of focus – for creating a culture of excellence: designing quality into products and services, process improvement, and quality management systems (control and compliance). These are considered universal principles and defined by Dr. Juran as The Juran Trilogy.

By understanding the three elements of the trilogy, your leaders and employees can better understand how the Lean Six Sigma and Lean tools all fit together. More importantly, we will present how to better use the tools you already have, as well as how and why to engage employees in the pursuit of excellence.

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Wednesday, August 28 / 2PM EST


Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo

Dr. Joseph A DeFeoChairman and CEO of Juran, is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on transformational change and breakthrough quality management. For 28 years, Dr. DeFeo has worked as a trusted adviser helping business leaders increase sales, reduce costs and improve its customer experience through the deployment of performance excellence programs. DeFeo’s belief that a relentless customer focus and integrity drives business results. A frequent motivational guest speaker at international conferences, Dr. DeFeo has presented in over 30 countries.


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