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What results can we expect and how do we aim to use quality improvement methods, tools and governance, “the enablers” to lead to great customer experiences, increased sales, optimal costs, loyal customers, superior products, efficient processes, and quality data?


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Building a Culture of Excellence | Part 2: Benefits & Results

In this webinar, we will examine what results an organization can expect (and not expect) by continuing its journey towards excellence.

Too often we hear leaders say their change initiatives fell short of expectations and may have been “duped” into hoping the methods they selected would generate financial benefits, cultural change and employee happiness – only to be left disappointed.

We will explore why this happens and what your organization can expect, presenting real results from real companies – small and large.

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Date Created: April 24th, 2019 | Available On Demand


Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo | Chairman and CEO of Juran

“World Leading Expert on Transformational Change and Breakthrough Quality Management”

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