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Juran Certified Performance Excellence Master Series

In this 4-part series, participants will become Juran Certified Performance Excellence Masters with the right knowledge required to drive business excellence from the C-suite. The importance of this program is to enable executives to stop trying every improvement fad that comes their way and learn the universal principles behind the fads. Participants will learn how to organize, align, and deploy business improvement initiatives to drive business excellence, and sustain financial results.

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The Evolution of Quality and Discovering Your ‘Why’

Wednesday, January 25, 2 PM – 2:45 PM ET

Quality Services and Products are something every business strives to perfect, yet so many do not know the most effective or efficient means to achieve it.

Every leader demands quality. All employees believe they provide quality, but what does this really mean? If you are looking to connect the dots on how performance improvement programs should be used to drive improved quality of products and services tune in.

Quality, in our definition, means that a good or service is “fit for the purpose” to the customer that needs it. It has the right features to meet customer’s needs, and it works as planned.

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