Executive Master Black Belt Award

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August 15, 2017

Juran Announces Executive Master Black Belt Award 2017

Juran is pleased to announce Vernon Alders, Corporate Director, Organizational Excellence at Christiana Care is the recipient of this years award. Vern is recognized for his great effort leading Christiana Care’s continuous improvement program and becoming a friend of the business excellence community.

The Executive Master Black Belt was created by Juran 10 years ago to recognize executives for their business knowledge and application of Six Sigma to drive business performance. Each year Juran recognizes one executive who has been the champion of change in their organization who is extensively focused on demonstrating customer satisfaction, and transformation through the utilization of operational excellence methods.

Vernon Alders, MHCDS, MBA, MSW is the Corporate Director of the Organizational Excellence Department and provides strategic direction, knowledge, and expertise to Christiana Care Health System’s ongoing efforts to improve performance and enable the organization to thrive. He provides leadership to the Organizational Excellence team in the application of resources to deliver quantifiable results linked directly to the organization’s strategic aims. He and his team have extensive training and expertise in Process Redesign, Operations Research, Change Leadership, Lean Six Sigma, Leadership and Staff Development, System and Industrial Engineering, Strategy Alignment, Departmental Restructuring and Observational Research. Under his guidance, Mr. Alders’ team has supported a number of important clinical and operational change efforts resulting in significant improvements in patient care, satisfaction and financial performance.

Since 1979, Juran has been a pioneer in improving quality in businesses. We work side by side with teams to equip organizations with our proven strategies, target the root cause of issues, and create a nimble solution that has an immediate impact. We teach our clients that transformative change comes from making small continuous improvements in products and processes, and equip them with the tools they need to achieve long-term solutions to their problems. To learn more about Juran, visit www.juran.com.


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