Introducing the Lean Expert and Root Cause Corrective Action Programs

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Juran are pleased to announce the launch of two new courses – Lean Expert and Root Cause Corrective Action – which will be commencing in July 2019. 

Complementing our existing range of Lean Six Sigma training programs, the new courses provide individuals and organizations with the additional tools they need to identify problems, improve processes, and create value for customers.   

Lean Expert Program 

Starting on July 17, our new Lean Expert program will help participants understand which parts of their processes are wasteful, and how applying lean tools and methodology can improve value streams and financial performance. 

This program begins with 11.75 hours of self-paced learning on IMPRO, our online learning platform, and continues with 4.5 hours of live instructor-led webinars with a certified Juran instructor. During and after the program, candidates receive 1-on-1 mentorship from their Juran certified coach to deliver a successful value stream improvement project – the completion of which is required for certification. 

The Lean Expert program is available to employees at all levels and offers hands-on training on multiple subjects including, but not limited to: 

  • Value Stream Mapping 
  • The Eight Wastes 
  • Quick Changeover (SMED)
  • Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke)
  • Rapid Improvement Events
  • Quick Changeover (SMED)

Please visit our dedicated program page to learn more about Lean Expert, or to enrol for forthcoming programs. 

Root Cause Corrective Action Program 

We created our Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) program to help organizations better understand what is causing certain problems – whether it’s a shortage of employees knowing how to solve problems, or simply a lack of focus on issues that occur daily. 

Completion of our RCCA course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify, diagnose and remedy the problems that are ultimately impacting the performance and profitability of your organization.  

Available to any organization or employee, this program combines 3.8 hours of self-paced learning with four hours of instructor-led webinars, delivered by Dr. Joseph A. Defeo, Juran’s Chairman, CEO and Executive Coach. 

Please visit our dedicated program page to learn more about our RCCA course, or to enrol for forthcoming programs. 

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