The Juran Logo

Juran Global Logo to New logo

January 31st, 2017

Juran Announces Launch of New Website and Branding

Juran launched a brand new website and logo. Juran Institute exists to improve society one organization at a time, and our leadership team has been striving to complete this message every day since our founding. The foundation of Juran’s work can largely be attributed to Dr. Joseph Juran, the Architect of Quality, who dreamed of improving the world, one organization at a time. His commitment to quality and organizational improvement lives on in the modern organization’s work, and the advancement of his message in the digital world allows for the maximum dissemination of his message.

In addition to the website, our brand new logo speaks to Juran’s foundational values. Integrating the Chinese symbol for humanity with the company’s classic pyramid logo expresses the necessity for us all to lean on each other and help the other succeed. The human element of any organization is vital to its success and we maintain this sentiment as a focal point, even as Juran progresses into the future.

Juran offers custom solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client, but general services include Lean, Six Sigma, Benchmarking, Coaching, Certification, Business Project Management, and a variety of other services that we have practiced and refined for over 75 years.