Enabling Change

Advancing your skills on the methods of business improvement
Enabling Change
Advancing your skills on the methods of business improvement
Gaining Leverage

Using the right method at the right time can make change happen more easily

Following the Juran Trilogy’s motto of ‘plan-control-improve’, there are three corresponding sets of tools that we give your business to enable it to achieve its goals.

Innovation in design
Enterprise quality management system (QMS)
Breakthrough improvement

The voice of your customers and a QbD approach drive innovation

Innovation in product and service design is dependent on two components.

Changing design thinking

Juran’s approach to design thinking begins and ends with the customer. Our straightforward methodology addresses the challenges of product and service design and delivery to exceed business and customer expectations.

Encompassing familiar audience research, analysis, creative development, prototyping and experimentation steps, it leads to innovations in design that are firmly focussed on meeting customer needs.

Our Approach to Design Thinking

Creating quality by design

The big shift in recent times is for product and service design teams to be responsible not only for creating solutions that respond to customer needs, but also for the processes that enable their production or delivery. They have an operational as well as a creative role.

Quality by design steps take the organization from establishing project and design goals, through customer orientation to the development process and the transfer to operations.

Juran's QbD Concept

Creating a system for monitoring quality throughout the business

Among the competing systems for monitoring and accrediting quality in a commercial context, ISO 9000 stands out – not least for its rapid adoption during the 1990s. However this is a baseline system.

While it has many good features that can help to establish a marker for quality in the enterprise, it is not sufficient alone to embed a culture of quality.

When implementing the system the goal should not be accreditation, but change. Our approach to quality and a culture of excellence is to use the ISO 9000 standard as a tool to aid change, but recognizing that it is not an end in itself, but a part of the journey.


Measurable progress and real breakthroughs in business improvement

Widely adopted and much publicized, Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are all useful tools in product, service and process improvement.

Lean is a process improvement methodology, developed at Toyota, used to optimize organizational systems by eliminating or reducing common types of waste within them. It does this so organizations perform faster, cheaper and better by improving cycle time and throughput.

Six Sigma
Six Sigma typically focuses on identifying and meeting the needs of customers first, and the organization or business second. It is focussed on eliminating defects in a product process or service, draws heavily on prior ideas about quality improvement, but adds a scientific target for improvement.