Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Qualify to teach the Lean Six Sigma methodologies, tools and applications in all functions and levels of the company.


Online Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Program

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts (MBBs) are qualified to lead and educate all levels of an organization in Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies. They provide guidance to leaders, aligning Lean Six Sigma projects with an organization’s business plan to further drive continuous improvement.

To become Juran MBB Certified, a candidate must be a Certified Black Belt. They should be able to demonstrate sound knowledge of the methods and tools, and defend them when reviewed by a MBB Certifier and Juran’s CEO.


Master Black Belt certification runs throughout the year. For information on registration and pricing, please enter your details below.

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Training and certification for a Master Black Belt (MBB) candidate consists of the following:

The candidate must present evidence of four completed improvement projects, including the initial projects completed prior to applying for the MBB Program. The projects may be presented as case studies, but must be suitable for use in training – i.e. with explanatory descriptions beyond PowerPoint slides, breakout exercises, etc. – to exemplify the use of the Lean or Six Sigma methodology and tools. The choice and completion of the case study must be approved by the Juran Certifier.

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To complete the protocol, a Master Black Belt Candidate is required to:

    1. Successfully complete the items noted above and submit all required summaries, examples, exercises, presentations and reports (electronic copy) to Juran Global.

    2. Pass the Master Black Belt written examination. A score of 70% or higher is required to pass.

    3. Submit the final project reports and case studies (electronic copy) to Juran Global.

    4. Successfully complete an oral review/presentation of one completed project and illustrate how the case studies are to be used in a classroom setting. Attendees at the oral review include a senior Juran Global Master Black Belt and invited company manager(s) and professional(s).

    5. Upon successful completion of the protocol and its requirements, the candidate receives Master Black Belt certification from Juran Global.

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    Master Black Belt certification runs throughout the year. For information on eligibility and pricing, please speak to a Juran representative.