What is a Kanban?

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What is a Kanban?

In a value stream, a Kanban is a signal; usually a ‘card’ authorizing production or delivery of required products or services, which is initiated by consumption from down-stream operations. Kanbans are used most often in the ordering of supplies because they keep costs low.

How to Create a Kanban Card

Create a Kanban card for a product or service by the following steps:

  1. Create minimum/maximum levels of products used in a designated time frame.
  2. Create the Kanban Card; The Kanban Card should be large enough so that it is easily visible. Use colored paper and laminate the card if possible. The card should include:
    1. Name and item number of the product or service
    2. Minimum quantity
    3. Maximum quantity
    4. Standard re-order quantity
    5. Suppliers name
  3. Set up the Kanban Card and system. Place the Kanban Card
    on the re-order buffer stock.



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