The Juran Trilogy

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What is the Juran Trilogy?

The Juran Trilogy® is a universal way of thinking about quality—it fits all functions, all levels, and all product and service lines. The underlying concept is that managing for quality consists of three universal processes:

  • Quality Planning (Quality by Design)
  • Quality Control (Process Control & Regulatory)
  • Quality Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)

The Juran Trilogy®

Juran Trilogy Diagram

Note: Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) consists of all costs that would disappear if there were no deficiencies, no errors, no rework, no failures, and so on.

To make improvements in quality to stay ahead of the competition, the best organizations aim for breakthroughs in current performance, not incremental change. Breakthrough means change—a dynamic, decisive movement to a new, higher, better level of performance. Dr. Juran described it as a means to achieve a significant change in current business performance from historical performance. This change does not just happen. It requires a “systematic change process”
focused on a project-by-project approach to achieve breakthrough.

The following video features Dr. Juran illustrating how the Juran Trilogy embodies the universal principles needed to create high-quality goods, services, and processes.

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