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What is Breakthrough Performance?

Improvement happens every day, in every organization — even the poorly performing ones. Improvement is the only way a business survives. It is a continuous activity that is incrementally chipped-away at, day after day. It is different than breakthrough improvement, however. Achieving breakthrough improvement requires taking a step back and analyzing your situation a little closer.

Breakthrough means the organized creation of beneficial change and the attainment of unprecedented levels of performance. Overall, breakthrough results in significant cost reduction, customer satisfaction enhancement, and superior results that will exceed customers’ expectations.

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Unprecedented levels of change may require attaining a Six Sigma (3.4 ppm) level of improvement over current levels of process performance. The concept of a universal sequence evolved from Dr. Juran’s early experience at Western Electric Organization (1924–1941) and later during his years as an independent consultant starting in 1945. Following a few preliminary published papers, a universal sequence was published in book form (Juran, 1964). This sequence, as shown above, is applicable to any industry, problem, or process.



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