As the technology arm of Juran, IMPRO delivers a learning experience that makes upskilling more effective, flexible, and focused on the targeted needs of your people. The result will be an improvement in the quality of your products and services.


How Can IMPRO Help You?

Cultivating a culture of organisational excellence since 2017


IMPRO gives you access to a comprehensive suite of online training modules and learning plans, all of which are designed to address key knowledge gaps in your company. Every course has been devised by Juran’s team of experts and can be completed at your own pace, minimising the impact on essential day-to-day business operations. Our focus is to close the quality skill gaps witnessed in thousands of organizations around the world. With our adaptive assessment and targeted learning plans, you will see results quickly.

Skills Assessment

Through our specially designed skills assessment, we can build an IMPRO learning plan that is tailored to the unique requirements of your organization. We will review each of your employees and provide a report that outlines the knowledge and skills gaps that currently exist within your workforce. This will allow us to personalize a learning path that can close these gaps while improving employee engagement and workforce structure.

Why Should I Use IMPRO?

Empower your workforce by improving engagement and striving for continuous improvement

  • Reduce your cost of poor quality – which can amount to 5-30% of gross sales.

  • Initiate improvement projects that could save an average of $275,000.

  • Fill critical knowledge and skills gaps to improve your workforce’s proficiency.

  • Implement scalable solutions that will drive long-lasting business improvements.

  • Empower your workforce to identify problems and solve them quickly.

  • Achieve at least a 3 to 1 return on investment, depending on the learning path.

  • Identify skill gaps and recommend learning opportunities designed for the individual.

Key Features of IMPRO

Solutions to suit a range of individual and organizational training needs

Bespoke Learning

IMPRO’s personalized learning plans include self-paced online courses, mentorship, webinars, and more.

High-Quality Content

Access hundreds of courses that are backed up by 40+ years of research and expertise.

Expert Assistance

Enhance your learning experience with webinars delivered by Juran’s team of thought leaders.