Juran gives you access to a team of experts who specialise in helping organizations of all sizes implement effective quality improvement programs.



Our methods have been trusted by organizations for over 75 years

Juran’s methodology is designed to start small and grow exponentially by transferring knowledge from our coaches to your organization. Educating your people on how to institutionalize improvements is vital to your success and to holding gains.

In order to change, your team needs to believe they can change, and with our support you will achieve this. Our coaches walk with you through a series of interactive workshops and projects that allow you to see the impact of our work and prove the effectiveness of our methodology. We offer various services within our performance roadmap, each of which can be customized for your unit and team.

Meet our coaches

Consultants who live and breathe the Juran methodology
235 years of experience235 years of experience
Combined, our team has 235 years of experience and has traveled over 22.5 million miles to work with our clients in person. We always go the extra mile for you.
22.5m miles traveled to our clients22.5M miles traveled to our clients
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Performance roadmap

We can help put your organization on the path to success

If you are looking to push your organization beyond its limits, Juran will work with your team to create your own performance roadmap that best fits your needs. You can expect to achieve tangible return on investment, long-term culture change, and a highly skilled workforce. We offer all of the following initiatives, and more.

Operations Excellence

Creating a culture that is committed to continuous improvement
  • An effective management system enables stable and robust internal processes, a quick adaptation to new customer and stakeholder demands, and links the value stream from vision to delivery.
  • We accomplish this via:

    The Juran Management System, a comprehensive system that goes beyond a traditional quality system.

    Adaptive Learning & Development, which equips every employee with the skills to identify, diagnose, and remedy their recurring problems.


Setting a standard for quality improvement across all industries

Benchmarking reveals the strengths and weaknesses in an organization and focuses attention on the key areas for performance improvement. We have conducted benchmarking studies in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, automotive, airline, mining, healthcare and manufacturing.

Juran 7-Step Benchmarking Process
Our 7-Step Benchmarking Process © goes a step beyond traditional benchmarking to determine best practices and shares what has been learned between benchmarkers. Our clients agree this unique aspect is a real strength of benchmarking with Juran.

    Juran 7-Step Benchmarking Process