New Six-Part Blog Series from Peter Robustelli

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Juran’s Executive Vice President, Peter Robustelli, has kicked off a six-part blog series on LinkedIn, sharing his expertise on how organizations can successfully execute the Juran Supplier Quality and Development Model.

An effective Supplier Quality and Development system can help organizations save money, reduce risks and generate superior quality products that delight customers and stakeholders alike. However, some organizations don’t have the tools and methods in place to monitor and improve their suppliers’ processes, which can create unnecessary financial risks.

If a production stoppage occurs, an organization with a “poor-quality” mindset – the assumption that quality is inherent in the supplier management process – may not know how to correct it. This can have a detrimental impact on the organization’s bottom line and reputation, especially if customers require credit for undelivered product. In the majority of cases, it will also lead to products being scrapped and reworked, and a high level of supplier-related cost of poor quality (COPQ).

In his blog series, Peter will take readers through the six components of our Supplier Quality and Development Model, as visualized below:



The first blog focuses on the supplier selection process, outlining the importance of using a scoring matrix to narrow down your field of potential suppliers and produce a “Risk Index”. As Peter explains, organizations can then further refine their selection using the Juran Supplier Segmentation Model.

The next five blogs will be published over the coming months, so make sure to follow Peter on LinkedIn and keep an eye on our social media channels. Alternatively, please get in touch to find out how we can help your organization improve it supplier processes.

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