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Organization Health Check

An analysis of your organization’s policies, systems, and processes.

Our team of experts will measure and evaluate your enterprise’s effectiveness and efficiency to determine your “fitness score.” Using this information, Juran will identify your strengths and opportunities to improve quality, performance, and customer satisfaction across your operations. Juran integrates seven assessments into one seamless solution to give you the complete picture of your organization’s health.

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  1. Strategic Alignment & Deployment
  2. Quality Management System
  3. Measurement & Analysis Capability
  4. Effectiveness & Efficiency of Business Processes
  5. Employee Engagement & Culture
  6. Supplier Management
  7. Scorecard & Results

The Organization Health Check analyzes internal and environmental factors critical to your success in today’s volatile marketplace and compares them to performance excellence industry standards. You get meaningful data on your organization’s strengths and weaknesses that can help you close the gaps and achieve superior quality and sustainable results.

  1. Obtain a fitness score based on a systematic analysis of your organization’s key performance metrics across your business.
  2. Determine how consistent your APPROACH, DEPLOYMENT, and RESULTS are with your organization’s strategy, goals, and policies.
  3. Identify opportunities to improve quality, savings, bottom-line results, and market share.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of your quality management system.
  5. Gauge your standing and ability to deliver high-level quality that meets customers’ needs in a competitive world-class arena.
  6. Apply objective, third-party data to improve quality, performance, and customer satisfaction across your operations.
  7. Gain insight on which short and long-term actions will be most effective.
  8. Integrate seven assessments into one seamless assessment or customize to your needs.

Let Juran help you jump start your journey to becoming a world-class organization. With more than 1,000 checks under our belt and over 30 years as a global quality solutions resource, Juran makes it easier than ever to improve your company’s overall health and get you where you want to go.

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