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A Leading Management Consulting Firm

Juran Global still maintains the legacy of Dr. Joseph Juran and was one of the first management consulting firms to provide operational improvement methods to all parts of the globe. As the pioneer in the development and application of operational excellence technologies – including Lean and Six Sigma – Juran Global’s tools and methods have been honed over the last 60 years and have been adopted in organizations, industries, and cultures worldwide.

Our Management Consulting Firm Expertise

Unlike many management consulting firms, Juran Global focuses on enhancing and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of strategy and business operations by identifying and eliminating waste, variation in processes and outcomes, and non-value-added activities. Juran Global’s unparalleled expertise and experience as a management consulting firm enables allows us to design and implement customized operational excellence initiatives specific to the business processes involved in your vertical industry. We don’t stop there, however; Juran Global also empowers your management team and staff to achieve, and often exceed, its business objectives.

Our Benchmarking and Assessment Experience

Few management consulting firms are able to offer benchmarking services the caliber of Juran Global’s. In highly competitive markets, benchmarking has become a strategic operational tool for operational excellence. Benchmarking not only reveals an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, but also identifies gaps in performance that enables the management team to focus attention and resources on the key areas for operational improvement. Juran Global’s benchmarking services enable organizations to seek and develop a market leadership in specific areas of their business.

Juran Global has completed strategic benchmarking studies for organizations around the globe, covering a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, automotive, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and air transportation.

In addition to benchmarking services, Juran Global also offers assessment services. For more than 30 years, we have been providing operational assessments to some of the world’s leading companies. Our assessments are based on our own experiences as a leading management consulting firm, coupled with ongoing research into best practices and borrowing from the award criteria for such well-established programs as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, ISO, and the EFQM Excellence Model. By using these quality awards as a framework for our assessments, we are able to provide comprehensive and objective baselines of performance for your organization. This, in turns, provides the information you need to compete at world-class levels.

Our Training and Certification Experience

Juran Global offers education and certification programs and courses in the methods used to attain breakthrough and sustainable operational and business results. These programs have been developed years of research. Whether via on-site training, public workshops, or online courses, our programs are a cost-effective solution for achieving performance gains for your organization.

In addition, our training programs include some of the best training products available today. These materials encompass manuals, workbooks, videos, and reference books, all of which are the most widely used and translated operational excellence training materials on the market today. In fact, our reference books are often used by other management consulting firms as resource materials.

With our deep roots as a management consulting firm, Juran Global is a leading source for operational excellence breadth, depth, and experience. Our educational materials offer all levels of training to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, of organizations in all industries around the globe.

Our Specialized Areas of Expertise
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