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See how your knowledge about quality stacks up against the Juran Quality Body of Knowledge. Free to take!

Discover your capability in the seven critical areas of quality management. Understand where your learning opportunities are to achieve success in your programs and initiatives.

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CategoryYour ScoreMastery levelPercentile
Critical Thinking2.6Weak43
Process Control1.4Poor5
Quality Theory2.2Weak31
Root Cause Analysis2.5Weak43

One-size doesn’t fit all!

In the digital age, learners are distracted and overwhelmed more than ever. Focus only on your knowledge gaps that need to be improved!

Personalized Learning

Personalize your learning experience on our learning platform, IMPRO. Have Juran experts cultivate a learning journey that focuses on your knowledge gaps.

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By the end of this learning experience, you should be confident in your ability to lead the quality efforts in your business by applying new skills that enable your processes to be predictable and reliable at producing superior quality.

Interested in rolling out our skills and gap closure program to your organization? We can help you do the following:

  • Reduce your cost of poor quality (COPQ)
    Financial analysts have estimated that COPQ typically amounts to 5-30% of gross sales.

  • Improvement projects
    Learn how to initiate improvement projects that can save an average of $275,000.

  • Fill critical skills gaps
    Address the knowledge and skills gaps that are impacting the proficiency of your workforce.

  • Scalable solutions
    From single courses to a complete learning framework, IMPRO offers scalable solutions for improving your business.

  • Identify & solve problems
    Empower your staff to identify problems and quickly find the right solutions.

  • Transform your organization
    Depending on the designated learning path, you can expect at least a 3 to 1 return on investment.

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