Root Cause Corrective Action Program

This training is recommended for anyone involved in process improvement efforts including team leaders, department managers, and team members.


Root Cause Corrective Action Program on IMPRO

Course description

Juran’s Root Cause Corrective Action program is designed to provide the most important fundamentals for effectively diagnosing and remedying root causes using the most important tools.

The workshop was created in response to the difficulties organizations have in getting at the real causes of problems. Some of these include:

1. Too many CAPAs, process failures and frequently recurring problems.
2. No focus on day to day reduction of daily sporadic problems.
3. Only a small percentage of employees know how to solve problems.
4. Employees that find it difficult to identify, diagnose, and remedy day to day process problems.

Start Date: December 5, 2019, All webinars at 11 AM ET
Total Time: 8.3 hours
Self Paced Learning: 4.3 Hours
Instructor Led Webinars: 4 Hours
CEU: # .83
Instructor: Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo, Executive Coach

Training Only Price: $495
Training with Certification Price: $799

* Coaching hours are optional and can be purchased if needed. Please contact [email protected]

What am I going to get from this program?

1. Ability to effectively diagnose and remedy process problems – fast!
2. Ability to quickly resolve sporadic process problems.
3. Improved problem solving skills.
4. A Juran Certification in RCCA (more information below in “requirements” for details).

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What am I going to get from this program?

    1. Effective diagnoses and remedies of process problems.

    2. Quick resolution of sporadic process problems.

    3. Improved problem solving skills.

How to start getting results

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  • Gain Your RCCA Qualification

    After a few short hours you will have all the knowledge you need to start looking into Root Cause Corrective Action

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