Our community of practice is constantly evolving.

Our foundation is 75 years of experience with leaders who have integrated the insights of our coaches, and we want to share this knowledge so you can incorporate these experiences into your own organization. Below are several resources to enhance your knowledge and improve the performance of your organization.

“As a “creative type,” I have to admit I was skeptical about a quality initiative based on protocols, procedures, stratifications and SIPOCS. What I found was proven, time-tested methods that produced creative solutions to real problems.”

Allison Meadows Beggs Mulberry Health; Retirement Community January 11, 2017

Resources offered

  • Webinars

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    Each month, Juran presents a different live webinar covering various trending topics relevant to all industries. These courses are hosted by our CEO, Dr. Joseph A DeFeo, and often feature prominent guest speakers and hosts. Check back here each month for information on new webinars.

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  • Blog

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    Stay up to date with industry-relevant news, opinions, and advice from our expert team.

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  • Online Assessment

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    Our team of experts will measure and evaluate your enterprise’s effectiveness and efficiency to determine your “fitness score.”

    Using our assessment, Juran will identify your strengths and opportunities to improve performance and customer experience across seven areas.

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Quality essentials app

Juran Global’s Quality Essentials App is a free, comprehensive mobile resource for professionals tasked with achieving operational excellence.

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