Lean and Six Sigma Fusion

by admin on December 10, 2008

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Methodologies come and go and now seem to be combining! Six Sigma was the standard for finding and ridding processes of defects. Lean was something that people talked about on manufacturing floors. Now there’s Lean Six Sigma!

Find out how companies are using a combination of both methodologies to increase efficiency and reduce defects. Click on the Download Microsoft Word File to get your link to enter this month’s training.

To enroll in this month’s e-Learning workshop, click on the link below:

Lean and Six Sigma Fusion

Click on the checkbox to accept the terms of use. Then click Proceed. Note that this key is specific and limited to you or your training group and is not for distribution.

Create your user ID. On the screen that follows fill out any information that is preceded with a !. Click on Modules and you’re ready to go!

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