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Master Black Belt is the highest Lean Six Sigma certification, awarded to individuals who have demonstrated their mastery of Lean Six Sigma methodology through the implementation of several quality improvement projects. In this guide, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Master Black Belt.

What value does a Master Black Belt add to an organization?

Master Black Belt (MBB) certification adds a significant amount of value to individuals and organizations alike. As well as being a mark of career excellence – distinguishing exceptional leaders from mere great ones – the presence of MBBs in an organization can have a transformational impact on business processes and financial performance.

Certified MBBs will be fully grounded in Lean Six Sigma methodology, which is geared towards improving quality, reducing costs and creating continuous value for customers. Companies that practice Lean Six Sigma typically benefit from greater levels of customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as better strategic planning and supply chain management.

By training other employees and departmental heads in Lean Six Sigma, MBBs can play an instrumental role in creating a culture of quality improvement and excellence within their organizations.

How much money can you make as a Master Black Belt?

The amount of money you can earn as a Master Black Belt depends on numerous factors, including the industry you work in, the number of years you have spent in your chosen profession, and any additional skills, qualifications and certifications you may have.

Various sources quote different figures for the average salary of a Master Black Belt. According to, the average Six Sigma MBB salary in the United States was $151,400 as of June 27, 2019, with the range typically falling between $130,700 and $172,700.

However, suggests the average salary for a Certified MBB is $205,000, with Certified Black Belts and Green Belts expecting to earn an average salary of $126,551 and £95,261 respectively.

Why is Juran’s Master Black Belt program unique?

Juran’s Master Black Belt program is founded on over 75 years of quality improvement and change management expertise. We don’t offer a “shortcut” to Master Black Belt certification; we believe the only way to unlock true value for both yourself and your organization is by completing an industry-recognized MBB program that offers a genuine test of Lean Six Sigma knowledge, and challenges participants to deliver tangible, successful improvement projects.

With Juran, you will be trained by a qualified MBB coach, completing a personalized curriculum that combines workshops, technical assignments and review meetings. Your statistical and technical knowledge will be put to the test, you will learn new tools and methods, and apply these learnings during observed instruction sessions.

The Juran MBB program has been developed by a global team of Lean Six Sigma experts, all of whom have a wealth of experience helping organizations implement changes that drastically improve their productivity and profitability.

As the pinnacle of Lean Six Sigma certification, attaining a Master Black Belt should be a true challenge for anyone. The sheer depth of Juran’s MBB program means anyone completing it will be well-positioned to drive their organization forward and train others in Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Who are the right candidates for the program?

The Juran MBB program is designed for candidates who have already attained Black Belt certification – as well as Green and Yellow belt prior to that. Candidates should be fully committed to becoming an evangelist for Lean Six Sigma principles within their organization, while having a genuine desire to train and educate other leaders in the methodology.

Master Black Belts are inspirational leaders and innovators, always seeking new ways to align business practices with Lean Six Sigma and relentlessly seeking improvement across all processes and departments. Anyone looking to become an MBB requires a high level of drive and determination, not to mention an ability to absorb and understand complex theories.

If you are looking to become a Master Black Belt or require more information, please visit our dedicated program page. Alternatively, why not have a browse of our Knowledge Base to learn more about Lean Six Sigma and other quality improvement methodology.

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