Spring Quality Conference 2013

Juran’s Executive Coach and Trainer, Brian Swayne, will facilitate a discussion on Breakthrough Management at the ASQ North New Jersey Section’s Annual Spring Quality Conference on Thursday, March 28.

It is time to stop looking back on what you should have done, and time to start looking forward. Energize your business. Energize your quality programs. Explore new ways to operate, view your customers and create innovative ways to meet their needs. Chart a new direction.

Charting a new direction for an organization requires breakthrough thinking. However, breakthrough thinking alone is not a plan. Hope is not a plan. Achieving and sustaining breakthrough performance doesn’t just happen. You make it happen. It is not difficult and may not require sophisticated methods. It just requires a new way to view your organization and create a roadmap to get from here to there.

Mr. Swayne will energetically present:

  1. Research-based reasons why organizations are not energized to sustain high performance.
  2. Performance Breakthroughs that every organization needs to complete before culture change can occur.
  3. A Simple Roadmap for Change to being the journey.

For more information about the Spring Quality Conference and a chance to register for the event please click here!