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playbookIf you are looking for measurable breakthrough results, Juran will work with your team and create a Playbook that best fits your needs. We provide real, tangible return on investment, long-term culture change, performance improvement programs, as well as rapid breakthrough results – by design.

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Whether you need help with strategy execution, employee engagement, Design for Six Sigma, Lean, Root Cause – Corrective Action, or a host of other programs and services designed to improve effectiveness and efficiency, we have what you are looking for.

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Alignment of business goals and objectives is essential to achieving an organization vision or transformational program. We provide advice, coaching, facilitating, and education to enable your organization to link its strategy and goals with every business unit and employee to assure the goals are met.


Deployment is the process of executing against a plan. It is often called Hoshin Kanri, a Japanese term for policy deployment. An effective deployment is one that identifies the actions needed to be carried out by the key functions – finance, human resources, marketing, operations, quality, and research and development. Deployment occurs through departmental and cross-departmental activities. One of the most effective means to achieve key goals is by establishing clear and resourced projects across the organization.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a strategic program that defines the macro business processes that create customer value, which in turn drives sales and profits. Business success results from superior process performance, which can only be achieved by having superior process design, the right people, and the right environment. Key business processes must be defined and process owners assigned to manage them.

Balanced Scorecards

Balanced Scorecards are a strategic performance management tool – a semi-standard structured report, supported by proven design methods and automation tools – that can be used by leaders to keep track of the execution of activities by the staff within their control and to monitor the consequences arising from these actions. A Balanced Scorecard has to include the right measures and targets to monitor the performance of all or part of an organization, towards (usually) strategic goals.

Juran Transformation Roadmap

Juran Transformation Roadmap is a time tested framework to effectively transform your culture and sustain desired change – be it a new Company Vision, creating a lean enterprise, reducing cost, improving business processes, Continuous Improvement, or Operational Excellence. We have identified five phases that all organizations must complete to sustain the gains of enterprise wide change.

Juran Benchmarking

Juran Benchmarking is a valuable management tool; it is a systematic and continuous process that facilitates the measurement and comparison of performance and the identification of best practices that enable superior performance.

Benchmarking identifies industry best performers and reveals the opportunities to meet or exceed them. With over 250 companies participating in our benchmarking programs since 1995 as part of our annual industry benchmarking services we have a database of best practices and accumulated a global benchmarking expertise second to none.

Juran’s Benchmarking experience has been focused primarily on the Oil & Gas Sector and spans almost two decades. We have extensive experience in benchmarking assets throughout the oil and gas value chain including onshore and offshore processing facilities, onshore and offshore pipelines, storage and loading terminals (marine and inland), LNG terminals, and gas transmission systems. All programs are tailored to specific client requirements and may be either internal (within the same organization) or external (competitive) benchmarking studies.

Our unique and highly effective normalization methodology, the Juran Complexity Factor©, enables benchmarking participants to compare their performance on a like for like basis and provides a real indication of operational efficiency.

Juran’s proven benchmarking approach goes beyond comparative analysis to include a learning phase focused on the transfer of knowledge from best practices.

As Juran possess a wealth of operational performance data derived from our annual programs we are also in a unique position to offer our clients additional services including manning estimates, OPEX forecasts for new oil and gas projects, merger and synergy studies, and due diligence investigations.

We have also recently adapted our methodologies to other industries including, manufacturing. Please click here to view our Benchmarking page.

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Organization Health Check

With over 1,000 assessments completed, we can jump start your journey to becoming a world-class organization. The Organization Health Check provides a quick qualitative review or “ fitness test” against industry best practices. We provide a summary of your organization’s ability to meet your own plans and your customer needs. Please click here to view our Organization Health Check page.

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Efficiency & Effectiveness: Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

The difference between the costs that would disappear if everything was done perfectly in a process, the first time and every time, versus the actual costs, is the Cost of Poor Quality. The Juran COPQ assessment results in the quantification of the potential dollars that are lost due to ineffective and inefficient processes in an organization. This includes understanding the customer needs through the design, development, production, transportation, installation, and servicing of those goods to meet customer needs.

Employee Engagement

The practices, shared mindset, and ethos of your organization. The willingness and ability of employees to contribute to the success of the company and the extent to which employees put discretionary effort into their work, in the form of extra time, brainpower, and energy.

Quality Management System (ISO)

A Quality Management System allows you to maintain stable internal processes. It enables quick adaptation to new customer demands, all the while delivering superior products and services in an ever-changing market.

Award Criteria for Excellence: Baldrige, EFQM

The Malcolm Baldrige National Award for Excellence and others like it provides a holistic organization model for customer-driven quality and operational performance excellence. A new study of the Baldrige program’s value to U.S. organizations by Link and Scott released in December 2011 found a substantial benefit-to-cost ratio of 820 to 1. Juran has been active in various Quality Award programs at state, national, and international levels. We can help you effectively apply the criteria and to prepare your organization to win your country’s most coveted award.

Employee Skills

We have an extensive array of tools to evaluate the maturity, impact, and capabilities of a key department. One of them is the quality function and quality officer. We can evaluate the skill level and provide a comprehensive education and certification program to improve the performance of your key functions.


This assessment evaluates the level of capability and willingness of any transformation or deployment program against the Juran Transformation Roadmap. Our tool will provide your leaders a clear path to improvement, related to the parameters of customer, measurement, management, employees, and methods.


Identifying, acquiring, and managing the products and/or resources needed to run your company, including physical goods as well as information.

Innovation & Quality by Design

Innovation & Quality by Design is a structured process for developing best in class products (both goods and services) that ensures your customer needs are met by the final result. Made popular by Dr. Joseph M. Juran in his classic text, “Quality by Design” the tools and methods of QbD are incorporated along with the technological tools for the particular product being developed and delivered. Designing a new automobile requires automotive engineering and related disciplines, developing an effective care path for juvenile diabetes will draw on the expert methods of specialized physicians, and planning a new approach for guest services at a resort will require the techniques of an experienced hotel manager. All three need the process, methods, tools, and techniques of quality planning to ensure that the final designs for the automobile, diabetic care, and resort services not only fulfill the best technical requirements of the relevant disciplines but also meet the needs of the customers who will purchase and benefit from the products.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS, DMADV, DMEDI)

Organizations around the world are quickly moving from a corrective operational mindset to a proactive preventive one. They must now transition to an innovative way of thinking, in order to aggressively grow revenue while continuing to minimize costs. As product lifecycles decrease, reducing product time-to-market is a competitive necessity. Design for Six Sigma enables organizations to meet these challenges and requirements.

Products and services can no longer be designed without understanding the drivers of product acceptance and salability. Product cost overruns, delayed launches, missed market opportunities, and impractical designs carry greater penalties than ever before. It is becoming increasingly vital to ‘design it right the first time’ in a timely, cost-effective manner.

More and more organizations are turning to Juran for DFSS. This is not only because Design for Six Sigma is in itself a proven methodology, but also because it is rooted in Juran’s fundamental techniques which have been perfected over time. Many leading practitioners acknowledge Juran’s ‘Design for World-Class Quality’ as the foundation for developing their innovative and creative design initiatives.

Juran can help your organization put an innovative Design for Six Sigma project into action, subsequently reducing new product development times and costs, while enabling heightened customer satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Improvement is one component of the Juran Trilogy®. Dr. Juran called the improvement in performance brought about by quality improvement as “breakthrough.” It is the meticulous uncovering and diagnosing of the root causes of chronic and costly problems within existing products or processes, thereby setting a new level of control. It devises remedial changes that remove or manage the causes, and implements controls to prevent the problems from recurring. Improvement goes by many names and flavors depending on the specific emphasis on project structure, culture change, data density, statistical maturity, and employee involvement appropriate for the organization. The more popular monikers include: Business Process Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Quality Improvement, Performance Excellence, Performance Improvement and Six Sigma.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement, also commonly known as Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) is the ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. These efforts can seek “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once. Juran offers a number of workshops on quality management, which include but are not limited to: the definition of quality, Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ), Facilitating and Leading Quality Improvement Teams (FLQIT), Root Cause Analysis (RCA), and Quality Improvement Tools (QIT).


Lean, also known as the Lean Enterprise, Toyota Production System, and Lean Manufacturing, is the elimination of waste as seen from the customer and business perspective. Waste is imbedded in the non-value added tasks that a customer would not pay for, and is the result of poorly performing processes. Since its inception, it has moved beyond manufacturing and used successfully in Service companies and Healthcare organizations. This service is a comprehensive set of tools and techniques – from value stream maps to Kaizen or rapid improvement events – that provide our clients with the right skills and knowledge to become ‘lean.’

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) reduces variation, reduces defects, drives out waste, and increases speed. Juran provides the full spectrum of LSS services from full deployment to individual certification in DMAIC and/or DFSS.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a systematic approach and information-driven methodology for eliminating process deficiencies and variation that increase costs and reduce revenues by striving for near perfection in all processes. It is part of the family of quality improvement methodologies. Its tool set can employ some lean techniques when it is referred to as Lean Six Sigma. Juran will develop a strategy that can enable your organization to focus on process improvement and variation reduction through the application of Six Sigma.

Juran Quality Management System

The Juran Quality Management System goes beyond a traditional quality system. It is a comprehensive program complete with tools, templates, guidelines and communication devices to drive your daily tasks and meet customer requirements.

Root Cause – Corrective Action (RCCA)

RCCA gives every employee the skills to identify, diagnose, and remedy those recurring problems they encounter every day.

Quality Management Systems

An effective quality management system enables stable and robust internal processes, a quick adaptation to new customer and stakeholder demands, and linkage of the value stream from vision to delivery. Whether its ISO 9000:2010 or QS 9000, we can provide assessment, facilitation, education, and support to implement your system.

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