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The Operational Power of Value Engagement Teams©

The Operational Power of Value Engagement Teams


Over the last several decades, numerous studies have shown the criticality of engaged employees on the success of a business. So much so that an entire industry of business and H.R. consultants has developed around the tenet that engaged employees provide a competitive market advantage. Yet, despite all the work in this area, employees globally are “checking out” in record numbers. In fact, the 2014 Towers Watson Global Workforce Study concluded that 60% of all employees globally are not highly engaged.

In fact, the Towers Watson study found that only four in 10 employees globally are highly engaged workers. Twenty-four percent were disengaged, and the remaining 36% were either unsupported or detached. How did this happen? More important, how do companies overcome these dismal statistics.

The answer, we believe, is to move from traditional quality improvement, Lean, and Six Sigma teams to the deployment of Value Engagement Teams. A Value Engagement Team implements and sustains solutions that move beyond the traditional departmental quality team by aligning its work with the company’s short- and long-term business goals and objectives.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How organizational structure gets in the way of creating quality and innovation.
  2. Why the question of “what is important” is critical to organizational alignment.
  3. The three elements of self control all employees must have.
  4. The four areas you need to excel in to achieve transformational change.
  5. Requirements for starting Value Engagement Teams.

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