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3 Ways Lean and Six Sigma Will Create Breakthrough Strategy



A 2007 report published in iSixSigma magazine estimated that Fortune 500 companies save $21 billion per year – or 2% of total revenue – through their improvement initiatives. The study found that 53% of Fortune 500 companies use strategies like Lean Six Sigma, and that figure rises to 82% when looking at the Fortune 100. While reports like the iSixSigma study are relatively commonplace, giving Lean and Six Sigma the reputation of being directly focused on the bottom line, what often goes overlooked is the impact Lean and Six Sigma have on developing and executing breakthrough strategy in three areas: process innovation, process improvement, and process management.

What You’ll Learn

  1. The key ingredients to achieving high performance and sustaining a competitive advantage.
  2. Why executives are rethinking the fundamentals of how work gets done, how value is created, and how to best to meet and exceed the expectations of the customer.
  3. The critical success factors that have to be addressed to effectively deploy an improvement strategy.
  4. The three components of any process management strategy that must be perfected.
  5. How to determine just where your organization stands.

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