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Quality Improvement Reference Guide & Tool Kit – This Reference Guide provides a step-by-step summary of the universal processes for making improvements, conducting Root Cause Analysis, and reducing costs in any organization. The guide also contains classic analytical tools accompanied by examples and simple steps to help you successfully implement and use those tools. Please click here to purchase the Quality Improvement Pocket Guide!

Lean and Six Sigma Reference Guide & Tool Kit: How to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness – This Reference Guide provides practitioners with concise and pertinent information on deploying a Lean and/or Six Sigma initiative. It contains an explanation of the Lean and Six Sigma methods, essential tools, and team skills necessary to carry-out a successful deployment of Lean and/or Six Sigma. In addition, it contains key information related to important roles, how to select and launch projects, and valuable deployment tips. The information contained in this guide is generic enough for you to adapt to your own needs. Please click here to purchase the Lean and Six Sigma Reference Guide & Tool Kit!


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Juran’s Quality Handbook, 6th Edition: The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence – For more than 50 years, Juran’s Quality Handbook has been the singular, essential reference for quality management and engineering. The 6th Edition—the first revision of the Handbook in ten years—forges a new standard in the most up-to-date methods to attain business results through superior quality. Signed by Juran President & Author Joseph A. De Feo. Please click here to purchase Juran’s Quality Handbook!

The Handbook Covers:

  • Leadership: What everyone needs to know about managing for superior quality and results.
  • Methods: The most effective methods and tools for attaining superior results, such as Lean, Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Innovation, and more.
  • Industry applications: Effectively applying quality management methods.
  • The roles of key functions: Quality professionals, research and development, supply chain, and governance – and what they must carry out to attain superior results in an organization.
  • Performance excellence: Pragmatic roadmaps, templates, and tools to aid in developing an effective and sustainable performance excellence system.

Juran Institute’s Six Sigma Breakthrough & Beyond – Based on Juran Institute’s breakthrough method, Juran’s Six Sigma Breakthrough and Beyond goes beyond the certification or implementation processes discussed in most Six Sigma texts, to prepare an organization’s managers—at all levels—to deal with the practical day-to-day human, structural and technological issues which arise when initiating and maintaining a Six Sigma effort. With this book, you get everything you need to improve and maintain Six Sigma breakthrough performance long after the consultants have packed up and gone home. Please click here to purchase Juran Institute’s Six Sigma Breakthrough & Beyond!

Juran’s Quality Planning & Analysis for Enterprise Quality – This textbook focuses on external and internal customers in both manufacturing and service industries, and offers a balanced, broad treatment of the managerial, statistical, and technological activities related to quality planning and analysis. You will learn about managing for enterprise-wide quality to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business goals. Please click here to purchase Juran’s Quality Planning & Analysis for Enterprise Quality!

Features of the 5th Edition include:

  • A roadmap for Enterprise Quality
  • Updated references and supplemental readings
  • Actual Lean and Six Sigma project and presentation examples
  • Descriptions of Minitab® software applications used to analyze data and solve real problems

Training Kits

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Quality Improvement Tools Reference & Participant Training Kit – This training kit is a proven, easy to use, and cost effective system that enables teams to collect the right data, analyze it, and apply their findings to a project. Please click here to purchase the Quality Improvement Tools Reference & Participant Training Kit, or email tina@juran.com for more information.

The tools covered in this kit include:

  1. Process Maps
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Cause-Effect Diagrams
  4. Data Collection
  5. Graphs and Charts
  6. Stratification
  7. Pareto Diagrams
  8. Histograms
  9. Scatter Diagrams
  10. Box Plots


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DVD – Master Library – The Quality Minutes Master Library focuses on all topics of improvement, planning, customer satisfaction, benchmarking and more highlighting all industries. This Master two-disc set includes segments from all our Quality Minute libraries. Please call Juran’s Corporate Headquarters at +1.800.338.7726, or email tina@juran.com, to purchase the DVD–Master Library from our product store, or for more information on how you can obtain the individual Quality Minute DVDs.