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Our methods are being deployed around the globe.

At Juran Global, we provide best-in-class services like organization assessment, benchmarking, strategic consulting, program deployment, and training and certification services to improve organization performance and business results. Our expertise has been developed over a 60 year period. Our methods are universal. They have been applied in many different industries, organizations, and cultures around the world.

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Our expertise in the performance excellence field includes: strategic deployment (hoshin planning), Lean and Six Sigma, business process management, quality by design, quality system implementation, quality control & assurance, process improvement, value stream management, cost of poor quality, and culture and change management. We work in many industries (with full-time staff) in healthcare, manufacturing, and service organizations. We cover the globe through our partners and international offices.

We continually research best practice tools, methods, and technology to deliver the right training, at the right time, in the right way. We provide on or off-site assessment, training, and consulting services, as well as web-based services.

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Juran strategic solutions enable our clients to build their business strategies to achieve goals and solve their problems. Juran focuses on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your business operations through the elimination of variation, waste, and non-value added activities. Today’s competitive and ever changing global environment leaves no room for inaccuracies or inefficiencies. Juran’s unparalleled experience and expertise in training and consulting allows us to implement customized improvement initiatives specific to the processes involved in your industry. Juran will empower your organization to achieve, and often exceed, its business objectives.

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Juran Benchmarking Services enable our clients to seek and establish a competitive leadership position in any given area of their business. Benchmarking has become a strategic tool for continuous improvement in highly competitive markets. It reveals the strengths and weaknesses in an organization and focuses attention on the key areas for performance improvement.

We have conducted benchmarking studies for companies in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, automotive, airline, mining, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Juran Assessment Services for over 30 years has been used by some of the world’s leading companies. Our assessments are comprehensive and have cost-effective frameworks that provide objective baselines of performance of your company. We enable your company to transform its enterprise into a world-class competitor. Our assessment services are based on our own research and experiences of the elements that are critical for businesses to succeed and become leaders. They are built on quality-based award criteria such as ISO, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, and the EFQM Excellence Model.

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Juran Learning Solutions conducts research, education, and certification for business professionals in the methods used to attain sustainable, breakthrough business results. Juran Learning Solutions provides an alternative to our comprehensive on-site training through our public workshops and e-Learning modules. This allows participants a cost-effective and time-efficient way to improve the overall performance of their organization.

Additionally, Juran Learning Solutions provides training products used in conjunction with quality training programs. Our products, which encompass our training materials, DVD series, and reference books, are more widely used and translated than those from any other source.

With our deep roots in the business management industry, Juran is the go-to firm for experience, depth and breadth. Our Learning Solutions provide all levels of training to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of virtually every operation.

Juran is an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), and is authorized to offer IACET CEUs for this program under the ANSI/IACET 1-2013 Standard.

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