Client Results

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Our current and past clients will attest to the successes they have achieved by partnering with Juran. If you are looking for results, look no further. Juran has helped many organizations improve their business results by improving their processes and customer and stakeholder satisfaction. Please visit our Juran YouTube page by clicking here to access our all of our client results videos. The following are brief descriptions of some of the videos in our growing library.

Plan for Success – The video you need to watch in order to improve your business’ performance, focus on superior quality, obtain sustainable results, and set a new direction for your organization.

Juran in One Word – In this video, hear our clients discuss their experience in working with Juran using just one word.

The Juran Difference – This video discusses how Juran is different from other management training and consultant companies. Hear how our clients feel about Juran, its people, its services, and its experience in several industries.

Results in Healthcare – In this video, a respected healthcare provider discusses partnering with Juran on implementing Lean Six Sigma to improve quality and provide safer patient care while reducing costs. Three successful projects are showcased in detail.

Breakthrough with Lean and Six Sigma – Lean Six Sigma is a result of two powerful methodologies (Lean and Six Sigma) that have a complementary toolkit. Lean Six Sigma can provide your organization with a common language and set of tools to ensure the development and maintenance of company-wide improvement. With this in place, your organization can enjoy increased revenue through improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs of poor quality.

In this Juran video, hear our clients discuss the benefits of implementing a Lean Six Sigma program and some of the results they have achieved using the methodology. Joseph De Feo, Juran’s President and Executive Coach, further outlines the benefits as well as the need for organizations to adopt the Lean Six Sigma methodology to reach breakthrough levels of performance.

ROI with Juran – This video discusses the expected return on investment (ROI) when working with Juran. Hear how our clients were able to increase throughput by over 50%, increase their bottom line by over $500,000, and improve overall output by partnering with Juran.

RCCA for Improvement – In this video, an experienced business professional discusses how applying Juran’s unique, rigorous approach to root cause analysis and corrective action delivers results that are high impact and sustained over time.

Business Results – Hear from five senior leaders about the results they achieved in changing culture, cost reduction, throughput, and customer ease of doing business due to partnering with Juran “roll up your sleeves” consultants.