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A global resource for sustainable improvement solutions.


In 1979, Dr. Joseph M. Juran founded Juran Institute, Inc., an organization aimed at providing research and pragmatic solutions to enable organizations from any industry to learn the tools and techniques for managing quality and performance excellence.

Building upon Dr. Juran’s foundation, we now provide a number of services to help clients in all industries. We are known worldwide for research, consulting, and training that enables organizations to increase product and service quality, streamline business processes, reduce costs, and heighten their competitive edge.


We are trusted advisers enabling global leaders to achieve measurable, breakthrough results.


We will ensure an exceptional client experience and measurable results by tailoring our solutions to fit our clients’ business needs.


We guarantee our clients measurable results. We seek to exceed our client expectations with every interaction. We are accurate and highly responsive to our clients’ needs. We will retain our founder’s, Joseph M. Juran, legacy of pragmatic business improvement methods.

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