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Interview with Dr. Joseph DeFeo

Dr. David Fearon of Central Connecticut State University interviews Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo, CEO and Chairman of Juran Global. Topics include the how university students can best prepare for their professional future, developing great employees, and the Juran-Fearon Scholarship.

Demystifying Lean Six Sigma: Why Quality Should Matter to You

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye and guest Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo discuss the following: What are businesses looking for today? Speaking of performance excellence who was Dr. Juran and Juran Global? In what ways can Lean Six Sigma help an average business? What kind of results are we talking here? Can one student really affect the bottom line with a Lean Six Sigma project? Where does one start if they want to learn more about Lean Six Sigma or think their organization should consider implementing it? What does LSS training involve? How does Juran transfer knowledge?

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